Saturday, December 18, 2010

Musicians on Invisble Chairs at Closing Ceremony of Shanghai Expo - illusion or levitation

Amazing performance at the Shanghai Expo closing ceremony!

Does it make you wonder how the musicians are able to levitate in the cross legged position for the whole performance?

Check this out :

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines captured the imagination of travelers when they hired magician Ramana to perform his famous trick at Skipol Airport in Amsterdam last December to advertise the benefits of the airline’s new economy comfort option.

The marketing stunt continued at Manchester Airport T2 in February where English passengers seen a guy sat on what appeared to be an invisible chair, legs crossed, casually reading a newspaper.

Another video clip in spanish :

It is possibly a "chair" resting on a slanted pole that is aligned to his shoes that runs up his pants to the buttocks.  What say you?

Invisible chair trick explained?

Inspiration for artistic ideas - invisible or disappearing legs of chairs.

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