Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Assault and Robbery of Chinese international students on Sydney train - long term negative effects

We are made to believe that racists are a minority but do not know how many harbour similar anti-foreign feelings without exhibiting in public. 

Sadly, the passengers who are supposed to help or call for help did not but chose to egg the criminals on with more racist rant. Where are the night guards who were supposed to ensure the safety of lone passengers travelling at night?

The incident begs many more questions ...

Had they been Australian born ethnic Asians, would they be targeted for assaults?

To what extent has Kevin Rudd's past tough talk and belligerent posturing against a perceived rising unfriendly China spurred anti-Chinese sentiments?

Already suffering from drop in demand for resources as China seeks alternative sources in Brazil and after encountering walls from high pricing suppliers and investment barriers. Perhaps it is good news as weaker AUD would generally attract more tourists to make up for the sure decline in nueva riche Chinese travellers. 

It is easy to be cavalier with words when good times are rolling. But when the global economic environment looks unlikely to recover shortly, it is high time that Australians ensure that they do not squander any goodwill and profits, or risk losing heavily for a long time.

Quotes from Shanghai :

"They wanted money so we gave them money. But then a caucasian woman sitting opposite told the robbers she just broken up with her boyfriend who had taken her purse," the student wrote.

"She pointed to us and shouted to the robbers: 'Rob them, they are Chinese, they are rich'."
"There were no policemen in the train, but there were many other people and even train crews." He said no one had offered help. 


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