Friday, August 26, 2011

Arab Spring bug : better pray that China summer will pass, as no one will be wiser or better when revolution and misfortunate strike

At this time of the year, it is confirmed that there won't be a spring revolution in China.

But speculators are putting forth ingredients for a China summer.

Questions must be asked. But to what extent should opposition forment revolution to topple the government and then what? The scene will be ugly and disastrous.

The international economic environment and spate of natural disasters are unfavourable to most countries. Social tensions would be multiplied many times over when government incompetence and irregularities trigger unhappiness and unrest. Could any other governments have done a better job? That is for the people to weigh the balance of probabilities and assess if it is worthwhile to risk discarding whatever gains made so far for some elusive goals.

The next wave of unrest is more likely to happen in the US and Europe if UK is an example to follow. Spain and Greece are experiencing much worse economic woes and unemployment problems than most countries in Asia.

Reports contrary to the relatively smooth and "bloodless" overthrow of the Gaddafi regime by Libyan rebels supported by NATO forces showed human rights violations and bloodshed. Note that Libya is a small country. Those who wish for China summer or whatever season uprisings were to take place are sadistic. Will the Libyan people be better off. We don't need to wait much longer to see the outcome.

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