Friday, November 25, 2011

Guo Mingyi - the modern Lei Feng, a model for Chinese people

This is a model selfless Chinese. It is very rare in today's materialistic world. Most people are too busy chasing after material wealth and neglect social and spiritual development.

More people should follow his example and come forth to serve the community. Don't give excuses, procrastinate or wait till you are rich.  There is never enough wealth for some to amass and  they don't know where is the limit.

Guo Mingyi is just an ordinary worker. But he has done many charitable, commendable and admirable deeds from whatever he could offer - blood donation and money for the needy. A humble quiet achiever is worth much more than self-serving and short-sighted arrogant individuals who only talk about great ideas but fail to achieve any common good.

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