Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update on con artist Ai Wei Wei, how about social conscience of the US -

Majority of Chinese people don't care or recognise western Chinese hero Ai Wei Wei who f* his motherland with no end of trouble by knowingly and defiantly breaking the laws. Ai earns his living by creating anarchy and upheavals.  

Perhaps the Chinese government need not pay too much attention to Ai Wei Wei. They don't deserve it. 

Ai Wei Wei's latest publicity stunt is unimpressive. Considering the  mainland and overseas Chinese population, tens of thousands of claimed online supporters and donors are a drop of water in the ocean. Despite the outcry, people get on with their daily lives.  

What a company name Beijing Fake Cultural Development Ltd!!!
Did any investigative journalist try to find out if this is a money-laundering set up that has evaded huge taxes? Social causes are noble. But politicised fund raising coming from one who has not been truthful and clean with his past claims should not be encouraged. 

No, any Chinese dissident's words must be trusted as the gospel truth. 

As expected, search engine results display quotes of Ai Wei Wei and his supporters. 

Ai Wei Wei was even thinking of keeping the donations instead of paying the back taxes and fines for fear that he won't be able to recover them from the authorities!  If you are a legal and tax expert, please explain the reasons given which do not make sense at all whether one pays it directly or not if they imagine the government to be despicable and deplorable.

Disorderly behaviour in public would be sufficient grounds to remove someone from harming himself and others, even in democratic FBI protected America.  This deranged hobo would be nothing without the backing of other dissidents and western financiers behind them. Foreign instigation should not be dismissed as it is a game that has been practised to the highest level. 

Politics aside.  Seriously, I am not an artist but I do appreciate good art. Anyone with an eye for art, please tell me honestly whether the works of self-centred Ai Wei Wei qualifies him as a great "artist". His negative "activism" has probably earned more than he deserves.  

The free wheeling western media (mainstream and tabloid alike) has chosen to sensationalise anti-Chinese heroes than getting their facts right.

Would we show the same level of support for freedom of speech and compassion to Julian Assange of Wikileak fame and conscience representation?  

What about the Wall Street protestors? Does China or other authoritarian states play up or give moral and financial support to disrupt  capitalist / democratic governments? 

Some things have not changed, since my previous post on Ai Wei Wei.

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