Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Liu Yuan's Anti-Corruption drive

Liu Yuan's anti-corruption drive in the military is to carry out the vision of the Communist Party collective leadership to Ito ensure that China's economic progress will not be unravelled.

As the Chinese saying goes, building an enterprise is difficult, but consolidation and preservation is more difficult.

It's plain and simple : for the long term survival of the Chinese. Only by learning from past mistakes, recognising the virtues of humility and take tough decisions could China hope to preserve the gains attained so far.

A mentor used to counsel that reading too much into something simple and obvious could generate unnecessary wild conspiracy theories. It may satisfy the imaginative but unhelpful in understanding realpolitik. This is a strategic project that cuts across factional struggles.

Because Liu Yuan is the son of Liu Shaoqi, the reformist who dared to stand up against the almighty and megalomaniac Mao Zedong. The late senior Liu was accused and denounced for being a capitalist roader. Now his son may clear his name by fighting against a negative outcome of free wheeling capitalism and liberalism exploited by unethical officials and businesses.

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