Wednesday, January 18, 2012

US information freedom regression - lobbyists could alter constitutional rights through SOPA and PIPA legislation

Why is US joining the ranks of repressive nations?  It is motivated mainly by money and power of lobbyists who could force the hands or entice Congressmen to do wonders including curbing freedoms enshrined in the American constitution.

Guess who are the masterminds behind SOPA?  Hollywood executives spend $91m lobbying for approval of Stop Online Piracy Act. Media moguls in the likes of Rupert Murdoch would be supportive of the move to restrain free flow of information.

Information = Knowledge = Power

Those who control information get richer and they would want to keep the rest of the people ignorant and pay for access and sharing of public information.

In China where majority of the population were uneducated, leaders wanted to ensure stability of government for high economic growth (and ultimately protect their positions. However, slowly and steadily, it has been opening up. 

The revolution against anti-democracy millionaires and their lobbyists should continue from Occupy Wall St to protest against info blackout.

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