Monday, February 27, 2012

Kevin Rudd is no China lover nor expert

Chinese among Kevin Rudd supporter who don't already know that he is biased towards Chinese and passionately and unquestionably pro-US may be relieved that he failed to gain the party support to replace  Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.  It is not a consolation that Gillard is no better. She is biased due to her ill-informed and apathy on foreign policy issues. 

China is unfazed by the bickering Down under.  Nevertheless, it has a longstanding and consistent policy of not taking sides in any country's affairs. This is a world of difference from certain developed nations that actively support and supplies material aid for rebels and lobbies in other government. 

A Chinese speaking Australian leader is no big deal these days especially if one is full of himself and does not aspire to learn and make improvements.  This has earned Rudd the reputation of being most tactless and undiplomatic diplomat not just within his own cabinet, party but overseas.  Many Australian academics and businessmen are critical of Rudd's limited understanding of the dynamics in Chinese politics and economy. 


Top Chinese researcher and ex-diplomat Jiang Yuechun said :

''Kevin Rudd has been broadly supportive of the US's return to Asia and various Japanese designs for the Pacific co-operations - we have had many clashes as a result of that. I think the return of Rudd will create more friction and warning points on regional and strategic issues,  ....   

the troubled state of relations between the two nations during Mr Rudd's stint as prime minister. ''We all know that when he was still in power, the clashes between two countries have increased noticeably 
 During Mr Rudd's time at The Lodge, the relationship between the two countries was rocked by a series of disputes over foreign investment, defence postures, human rights and the arrest of Australian citizens.

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