Friday, March 23, 2012

Bo Xilai - coup not on the cards?

Overzealous cadres do not have a good ending. That included the great leader Mao.

Bo Xilai who injected revolutionary ideology in the comfortable lives of prospering Chinese and undercurrents of criminal gang operations failed in his duty by entrusting the job to mafia buster Zhou Yongkang.

Hard pressed to find easy answers, the convenient way is to refer to socialism for guidance. It could cut both ways - either too hot or too cold.

The National Congress session closed on a mediocre note of self check and awareness. However, there was no big bang despite the removal of Bo Xilai, a princeling no less.

Talk of a coup are at best rumour mongering of free gossipers and speculators who are not in touch with Chinese political developments. Chinese leaders have learned from mistakes in history not to take reshuffle lightly. Do what you must for the overall good of the people and nation even if it meant hurting feelings.

On the receiving end, Bo is no softy nor a Lin Biao reincarnated. He has accepted his fate graciously. That will open up opportunities for future rehabilitation should he prove his worth. Confronting the leaders, making a fuss and whipping up a scene are not going to do Chinese or himself any good.,0,6191555.story

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