Friday, March 16, 2012

Milestone National Congress : China's Economic and Political Reforms - Legacy of PM Wen Jiabao

This is a momentous event. China has moved up another notch in the good governance and democratic development ladder. If China does it right, it will grow into a powerful nation with its special economic and political model. This is already evident with many African countries casting aside the old school development prescription. If the new generation of Chinese leaders are not careful and let success swell their heads, China will fall and falter, and could have negative impact on the rest of the world. 

The dismissal and demotion of Bo Xilai shows that extremism, couched in populism and charisma, has not place in modern China. It also shows that princelings and connections are not immune from penalties he, his associates and subordinates commit errors that caused suffering to the people. Those who insist that nothing could be done to eradicate corruption, nepotism and cronyism must ponder again and look on the bright side. 

It is fine to revisit revolutionary principles, but overzealousness and ideological radicalisation is likely to shift China's course off balance. Maoist style campaigns are too disruptive and a thing of the past. It was argued in post-war communist China that mobilisation was necessary to develop a massive country of poor and illiterate people. 

Times have changed. Excessive capitalism or return to socialism are not the answers. China has to continue evolve a dynamic hybrid system to face new challenges. 

Quote :

Premier Wen invoked the “Resolution” twice during his final NPC press conference, following an emphasis of the document by President Hu Jintao at the anniversary celebration of the Communist Party of China last July.

“Reforms have reached a critical stage. Without the success of political reforms, economic reforms cannot be carried out. The results of what we have achieved may be lost. A historical tragedy like the Cultural Revolution may occur again. Each party member and cadre should feel a sense of urgency,” said the Premier.

For the older generation that bore witness to the Cultural Revolution, it stands as a painful memory. But for younger generations, this history is sits remote, displaced. But it was a national experience that can’t be erased. At the very least, in the same sentiment of Premier Wen during the conference, we have no right to forget it.

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