Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where is Xi Jinping? Wild Speculations on Chinese leadership

What is the big deal when an up-and-coming leader has not been seen in public for less than two weeks. In the days when China was closed, such observations are probably more important. But should outsiders make too much of a molehill? 


Just like people in the developed countries, workers and employers do need to take a break, let alone a potential leader who is having a rest before embarking on hard work. Unlike the show biz of US presidential elections where every appearance counts, the Chinese political system is more muted. The post-Mao leadership does not encourage high profile posturing, and hence succession has become more stable, contrary to what critics are saying.  

However, not everyone believes in the wild speculations from terminal illness, kidnapping to assassination attempt. Certainly, there is a lot on the mind of Xi Jinping who will likely to be tasked to shoulder many responsibilities and resolve some serious and day-to-day issues. 

Australia's former Prime Minister and ex-Foreign Minister thought that people were over-reacting. Just because a man is mingling among a billion people and not to jeopardise the elections of new leadership, do not warrant a doomsday speculation. 


The psychology that believing becomes the truth could be the scenario that some writers are hoping to realise.  That China is unstable, unpredictable and crumbling nation is an attractive notion. 

The ones who are really worried seem to be mainly journalists and a handful of academics. The story has not really caused much concern among the mainland Chinese who have seen more tumultuous and difficult times. 

Apparently, words are cheap these days when everyone chips in his or her two cents worth of conspiracy theories, only to be proven wrong every time, but would never give up with continuing the exciting game of fuelling wild rumours.  Boy, they will be are in for a big surprise!

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