Monday, December 26, 2011

Beijing's Coalition of the Willing not a one track single way zero sum game

China has steered an independent path from the US and the Soviet Union evident from the Sino-Soviet split, Sino-American normalisation and post-Mao modernisation and open door policy.

Rather than viewing China's rising stars to reach the limitless sky and imposition of authoritarianism, China has adapted and bent to suit international norms.  Entry to WTO has been back breaking even to the extent of bankrupting many inefficient businesses.  China has come a long way and absorbed many western ideas, economic management and cultures to come to this day and stage of development.

Unlike plundering by previous and continuing colonialist/ imperialist industrial-military collaboration, China has given aid without strings attached to Third World countries.

The learning process is a dual carriageway. China is adept at imitating and adopting practices and even values that would promote its economic and national interests. It is a unique model that is still evolving, but which has so far shown to be working successful. You can't blame many developing nations from wanting to choose a better model over the high sounding "free" world's which has a poor track record.

From emperor with his cabinet, to chaotic elitist Republic, social egalitarianism, Mao dictatorship to the present day collective leadership and local elections. Isn't that change?

The Greek model of democracy was elitist and universal franchise was non-existent until the turn of the century. European countries which boast of liberalism today took hundreds of years to allow commoners and women to vote.

Going by the frank admission by Chinese leadership that the country must relax its controls, China will but not overnight as many had hoped for. Neither would it bail out irresponsible western governments and unethical businesses without conditions, scrutiny and accountability. The bottomline is to preserve stability as it has for thousands of years for it to survive as a civilisation on earth.

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