Thursday, December 29, 2011

China could learn and gain from Nordic Democracy to govern progressive diverse nation - best of both worlds for capitalism and socialism in practice

While many Finnish are knowledgeable, wise and analytical, there are some who do not read widely and become susceptible to hearsay from journalists promoting sensational news and ill disciplined liberalism without regard for history, culture and national sovereignty and international peace.
The truth about Tibet and Dalai Lama

By Eirik Granqvist (China Daily)

Most Finns (Swedes and Swiss) are well educated, widely read and well travelled people.

Chinese are pragmatic people. Its government and intellectuals are better off studying the Nordic democratic models which suit China than looking at the elusive and failed American and Greek models of democracy.

In the past, religions such as Buddhism have been imported into China and given a Chinese cultural identity. The same can be said of growing Christian foothold in China which play an important social role while not forgetting practices that are traditionally Chinese.

Some visionary forecasters are placing their bets on a cohesive multicultural Chinese surviving the odds and challenges of globalisation and development than say "democratic" divisive and sectarian  India.

At the end of the tunnel, China will find its way to build a unique model of democracy suited to its own needs. It will not benefit much from a foreign formula that is out of place with Chinese culture.

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