Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sino-Indian border disputes and US encirclement of China, Australian uranium exports and continuation of deceptive and deluded foreign policies

Sino-Indian border disputes

Despite availability of documents and first hand revelations by insiders, many still did not know that India started the Sino-Indian border clash in 1962 with the help of western powers.

An Australian diplomat (Gregory Clark) then knew the truth and did the right thing. However, he forced was forced to carry out orders from seniors in foreign office to perpetuate myths and lies of Chinese aggression in the Sino-India border dispute 40 years ago.

The facts are :

- China was protecting its territorial integrity in the dispute.

" ... both the Dho La Strip and the Thag La Ridge were indeed north of where the McMahon Line was supposed to be. In which case, India was clearly the aggressor." 

- China aggressor label / image propaganda was part of the US/NATO/ west Cold War gameplan

- Tibet was the front to Nehru's nationalistic frontier policy

References :

Gregory Clark, Remembering a War - the 1962 India China Conflict (Landsdowne  )

Nevill Maxwell, India's War with China (1972)

Australian uranium exports

Some governments (Australia in this case) however do not learn from past mistakes nor do they foresee the dangerous of nuclear arms race and risk of war that would end mankind / humanity. This has created controversy not only in the region but domestically in Australia.

The ban to export uranium to India has been lifted supposedly as a check to China's growing power in the region. But given the irresponsible, dishonest and expansionist tendencies of some states, this is not a wise move. It will also encourage more states, such as Islamist terrorist infested Pakistan, to seek lifting of uranium ban to boost its nuclear power vis-a-vis India.

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